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Available for marketplace users

Available for marketplace users



The elastic bands of exercise Blunding Band of 45 mt. They are used to improve elongation, strength, endurance and muscular power in different sports disciplines and for therapeutic and medical rehabilitation purposes. There are different resistances, the choice of the band will be given by the objective of the work to be carried out or the rehabilitation stage in which it is found. It is important to be advised by your coach or health professional. Indications: For Kinesiological Exercise. Rehabilitation treatments. Development and muscle strengthening. Increased resistance to fatigue. Improvement of mobility and flexibility. * Blunding recommends using this product under medical prescription.

Las bandas elásticas de ejercicio Blunding Band de 45 mt. son utilizadas para mejorar la elongación, fuerza, resistencia y potencia muscular en distintas disciplinas deportivas y con fines terapéuticos y de rehabilitación médica. Existen diferentes resistencias, la elección de la banda estará dada por el objetivo del trabajo a realizar o etapa de rehabilitación en que se encuentre. Es importante que se asesore por su entrenador o profesional de la salud. Indicaciones: Para Ejercicio Kinesiológico. Tratamientos de rehabilitación. Desarrollo y fortalecimiento muscular. Aumento de la resistencia a la fatiga. Mejoramiento de la movilidad y flexibilidad. *Blunding recomienda utilizar este producto bajo prescripción médica.
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  • Product Length: 0.00
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  • Product Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Weight: 0.00
  • Product Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Package CBM:
  • Product Package Length: 0.00
  • Product Package Width: 0.00
  • Product Package Height: 0.00
  • Product Package Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Package Weight: 0.00
  • Product Package Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Master Pack: 0.00
  • Master Pack Length: 0.00
  • Master Pack Width: 0.00
  • Master Pack Height: 0.00
  • Master Pack Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Master Pack Weight: 0.00
  • Master Pack Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Inner Pack:
  • Inner Pack Length:
  • Inner Pack Width:
  • Inner Pack Height:
  • Inner Pack Dim Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Inner Pack Weight:
  • Inner Pack Weight Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Qty per Pallet:
  • Master Pack Qty per Pallet:
  • Volumetric Weight: 0.00
  • Volumetric Weight Unit Of Measure:
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  • Country of Origin: Chile
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  • Prop 65: false
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