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Available for marketplace users

Available for marketplace users



Kalo-Postal A letter or postcard makes us feel the surprise of receiving it, the texture of its paper, the handwriting of the sender and the kilometers traveled to reach its destination. Today, writing a letter is a practice threatened with extinction ... and for Kalofisha® it is nostalgia that, somewhere on the planet, will brighten a moment of who we remember and miss. LLAMITO POSTCARD Lana: Flame fiber, hand-crafted (shearing, washing, weeding and spinning in use), in Colchane - Región de Tarapacá, Chile. About: Kraft cardboard of 16.0 x 10.5 cm, printed in serigraphy. Postal: Kraft cardboard of 15.5 x 10.0 cm, printed in serigraphy. Total Weight Approx: 31 gr.

Kalo-Postal Una carta o postal nos hace sentir la sorpresa de recibirla, la textura de su papel, la caligrafía de quien la envía y los kilómetros que viajó para llegar a destino. Hoy, escribir una carta es una práctica en amenaza de extinción... y para Kalofisha® es nostalgia que, en algún lugar del planeta, alegrará un instante de quien recordamos y extrañamos.



Lana: Fibra de llama, precesada artesanalmente (esquila, lavado, escarmenado e hilado en uso), en Colchane - Región de Tarapacá, Chile.

Sobre: Cartulina Kraft de 16.0 x 10.5 cm, estampado en serigrafía.

Postal: Cartón Kraft de 15.5 x 10.0 cm, estampada en serigrafía.

Peso Aprox Total: 31 gr.

  • HTS Code:
  • Production Leadtime:
  • Product Length: 0.00
  • Product Width: 0.00
  • Product Height: 0.00
  • Product Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Weight: 0.00
  • Product Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Package CBM:
  • Product Package Length: 0.00
  • Product Package Width: 0.00
  • Product Package Height: 0.00
  • Product Package Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Package Weight: 0.00
  • Product Package Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Master Pack: 0.00
  • Master Pack Length: 0.00
  • Master Pack Width: 0.00
  • Master Pack Height: 0.00
  • Master Pack Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Master Pack Weight: 0.00
  • Master Pack Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Inner Pack:
  • Inner Pack Length:
  • Inner Pack Width:
  • Inner Pack Height:
  • Inner Pack Dim Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Inner Pack Weight:
  • Inner Pack Weight Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Qty per Pallet:
  • Master Pack Qty per Pallet:
  • Volumetric Weight: 0.00
  • Volumetric Weight Unit Of Measure:
  • Container Qty20:
  • Container Qty40:
  • Container Qty45:
  • Hc Container Qty40:
  • Country of Assembly:
  • Country of Origin: Chile
  • Material of Fabrication:
  • Contents in Package:
  • Product Warranty:
  • Prop 65: false
  • CPSIA Warning 1:
  • CPSIA Warning 2:
  • CPSIA Warning 3:
  • CPSIA Warning 4:
  • Certification 1:
  • Certification 2:
  • Certification 3:
  • Certification 4:
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  • Certification 6:
  • Sustainability Certification 1 :
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  • Sustainability Certification 4:
  • Sustainability Certification 5:
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