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Available for marketplace users



Six elements of noble materials, from the great north and southern south of Chile, articulated between them give life to Llamito, a camelid that by covering it in its own natural fiber becomes an aesthetic object of decoration, play and contemplation: * 1 Native wood flame reused. * 1 hat woven in llama wool (chullo). * 1 ball of natural flame fiber. * 1 reused native wood needle. * 1 infographic brochure * 1 cloth bag, to transport. Materiality: * Llamito hair: flame fiber of natural colors, processed by hand (shearing, washing, scarring) and spun in spindle by the Aymara textile artisan Rogelia Castro, from Colchane, high plateau of the Tarapacá Region, Chile. * Calling body: reused native wood from old house demolitions in the city of Valdivia, Southern Chile. * Brochure / User manual: kraft paper * Transport bag / storage / game board: CREA cotton fabric, raw color. Measurements: Carton box kit of 18 wide x 12 high x 8 high cm

Seis elementos de nobles materiales, provenientes del norte grande y sur austral de Chile, que articulados entre si dan vida a Llamito, un camélido que al cubrirlo en su propia fibra natural se convierte en un estético objeto de decoración, juego y contemplación: * 1 Llama de madera nativa reutilizada. * 1 gorro tejido en lana de llama (chullo). * 1 ovillo de fibra natural de llama. * 1 aguja de madera nativa reutilizada. * 1 folleto infográfico. * 1 bolsa de tela, para transportar. Materialidad: * Pelo de llamito: fibra de llama de colores naturales, procesada artesanalmente (esquila, lavado, escarmenado) e hilada en huso por la artesana textil aymara Rogelia Castro, proveniente de Colchane, altiplano de la Región de Tarapacá, Chile. * Cuerpo de llamito: madera nativa reutilizada proveniente de antiguas demoliciones de viviendas de la ciudad de Valdivia, Sur de Chile. * Folleto/Manual de uso: papel kraft * Bolsa de transporte/guardao/tablero de juego: tela algodón CREA, color crudo. Medidas: Kit Caja de Carton de 18 ancho x 12 alto x 8 alto cm

  • HTS Code:
  • Production Leadtime:
  • Product Length: 0.00
  • Product Width: 0.00
  • Product Height: 0.00
  • Product Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Weight: 0.00
  • Product Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Package CBM:
  • Product Package Length: 0.00
  • Product Package Width: 0.00
  • Product Package Height: 0.00
  • Product Package Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Package Weight: 0.00
  • Product Package Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Master Pack: 0.00
  • Master Pack Length: 0.00
  • Master Pack Width: 0.00
  • Master Pack Height: 0.00
  • Master Pack Dim Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Master Pack Weight: 0.00
  • Master Pack Weight Unit of Measure: Not Defined
  • Qty Per Inner Pack:
  • Inner Pack Length:
  • Inner Pack Width:
  • Inner Pack Height:
  • Inner Pack Dim Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Inner Pack Weight:
  • Inner Pack Weight Unit Of Measure: Not Defined
  • Product Qty per Pallet:
  • Master Pack Qty per Pallet:
  • Volumetric Weight: 0.00
  • Volumetric Weight Unit Of Measure:
  • Container Qty20:
  • Container Qty40:
  • Container Qty45:
  • Hc Container Qty40:
  • Country of Assembly:
  • Country of Origin: Chile
  • Material of Fabrication: madera reutilizada, fibra de llama, fibra de alpaca
  • Contents in Package:
  • Product Warranty:
  • Prop 65: false
  • CPSIA Warning 1:
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  • Sustainability Certification 1 :
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